Meaning of gúma



n. 1. rubber. Punúan sa gúma, Rubber tree; 2. rubber tire. Hiyúsi ang gúma sa awtu, Deflate the tires of the car; 3. stuff, put in cloth to give weight; 4. see di-; v. 1. see di-; 2. be filled with excitement or eagerness for something Gumáhan ang mga bátà ug náay bag-ung sinínà, The children get filled with excitement over new clothes. Gigumáhan kaáyu siya pag-adtu sa parti, She was all excited about going to the party. gumagúma v. wear rubber shoes on an inappropriate occasion or place. Gumagumáhan lang nímu ang simbahan, You’re wearing tennis shoes to church. di- 1. of rubber; 2. rubber shoes; v. wear rubber shoes. gumáhan n. rubber plantation. gumáhun a. for cloth to have something mixed in it to give it weight. Panaptung gumáhun, Weighted cloth.