Meaning of gulpi



a. 1. be done in great numbers at one time. Gulpi nang isdáa makúhà kay timputimpu man nà, That fish is caught in great quantity because it comes in seasonally; 2. be done in great force or intensity. Gulpi mangasábà ang ámung ámu, Our boss scolds us very harshly. Gulpi nga pagkaigù ang íyang suwang, His chin was hit very hard; v. 1. do something in large quantity at one time. Ayaw gulpíha pagkúhà kay muángal ang tag-íya, Don’t take a lot because the owner won’t like it. 2. do something with great intensity or force. Ayaw gulpíha pagbúnal ang bátà, Don’t beat the child severely. Nagulpihan ra nímu paghugut ang grípu, You closed the faucet too tight. — digúlat (not without l) a. boastful, braggart (slang); v. become boastful.