Meaning of gula






a. for food not to be cooked well such that some parts of it are still raw; v. be half-cooked. Nagúwa pagkalútù nang bibingka, That rice cake is only half-baked. Daghang sustansya ang atay nga guwáhun (igúwa) paglútù, Pork liver cooked rare is nourishing.



v. 1a. go out from. Migulà ku sa kwartu, I went out of the room. Gulaa (gul-a) nang hubug nga nagsábà sa gawas, Go out after that drunk that’s making noise outside; 1b. be sticking out. Birahi nang ímung kamisun kay migulà, Pull up your slip because it’s showing; 1c. bring something out. Kinsay naggulà sa bátà nga tugnaw run? Who brought the child out? It’s chilly. Iguwà ang irù, Take the dog out; 2. quit a job, position. Dì ka makagulà tungud sa kuntrátu, You can’t quit because of the contract. Ang kagamay sa swildu mauy ákung gigulaan, The small salary made me quit the job; 3. have emission during orgasm. Migulà ang ákù pagkakità sa iyáha, I had an ejaculation when I saw hers. Kasagáran únang gul-an ang laláki, Usually the man is the first to have orgasm; 3a. menstruate. Wà ku gul-i rung buwána. Simbaku mabdus ku, I missed my period. God forbid I’m pregnant; 4a. come out the winner. Sa sinádu migulà siyang numiru únu, In the senate race he came out first; 4b. appear, materialize, turn out. Pagkudak nákù sa dalága, aswang ang migulà, When I photographed the girl, a witch is what turned out in the picture; 5. appear in a publication; n. 1. outside of an enclosure. Daghang táwu sa gulà, There are many people outside; 1a. outside the bedroom or kitchen, usually the living room. Pahulata sa gulà ang bisíta, Have the visitor wait in the living room; 2. issue or installment of a publication. Mugulà ang ímung sugilánun sunud gulà, Your story will be published in the next issue; 3. outcome, result of something Hípi ang gulà nímu ug magpataas ka sa ímung buhuk, If you let your hair grow long, a hippie is what will result; 4. role in a play or presentation. Unsa may guwà nímu sa dráma? What is your role in the play? sulud — v. keep coming in and out. Huy! Musulud gulà ka lang mu rag tag-íya, Hey! You just come in and out as if you were the owner here. pa- v. 1. 1a. allow to go out. Pagul-a ang bátà arun mangíhì, Let the child go out to urinate; 1b. display, present something to the public. Nagpagulà siyag drámang minúrus, He presented a Moslem play. Wà ikapagulà ang tinda kay nag-ulan, The goods were not displayed because it was raining; 1c. use knowledge or other resources to meet a particular situation. Ug makig-áway siya, pagul-i siya sa ímung dyúdu, If he picks a fight with you, try out your judo on him; 1d. issue a notice, order, etc. Nagpagulà ang prisidinti ug kasugúan báhin sa piliay, The president issued an order about the elections. Ikapagulà ku lang ang ákung hunàhúnà kun kinahanglánun, I give out my opinion only when necessary; 2. fire from job, position. Pagulaun ka kun magtinápul ka, You will be fired if you are lazy. -anan(←), gul-anan n. exit. kagul-unun a. on the verge of going out. tali- n. about to go out.