Meaning of graduwar



v. 1. graduate. Abugasíya ang íyang gigraduwaran, He finished law; 2. pass from one particular stage or condition to another. Hápit na siya mugraduwar sa pagkaulitáwu kay kaslun ugmà, He is about to graduate from his bachelorhood because he will be married tomorrow; 3. be removed from a basketball game after a number of fouls. Migraduwar siya human sa ikalimang páwul, He was disqualified after his fifth foul. graduwáda see graduwádu (female). graduwádu n. 1. graduate, esp. college graduates. Graduwádu ray madáwat áning trabahúa, Only those with a college degree will be considered for this job; 2. one who is experienced in doing or being something Graduwádu nà sa pagkakalma, He has proven himself cool-headed. Graduwádu sa pangáwat, He is an experienced thief. graduwasyun, graduwisyun n. graduation, commencement exercises.