Meaning of grábi



a. 1. in serious condition. Grábi siya, dì tingáli kaugmaan, He is serious. He might not live till tomorrow; 2. done in too great a degree, being in too great a degree. Grábi ra nang ímung pasíaw, You prank too much. Grábing dimalása. Gipanítan ku sa madiyung, It’s a very unlucky day for me. I lost in mahjong; 3. expression showing one’s disgust, dismay over someone’s failure to do something which he should have done, or avoid something which he could have avoided doing. Grábi sad kag nalímut nga gahápun pa man tu, How could you ever forget when it was just yesterday. Grábi! Bisag diyuy wà ka? Good heavens. You haven’t got anything at all? Not even half a centavo? v. 1. become worse. Nagkagrabi ang íyang sakit kay wà tambali, His sickness is getting worse and worse because he didn’t treat it. 2. for something to be overdone. Higrabihan nímug nusnus ang sílak, maung napánas, You rubbed the shellac too much, so that it got worn off; 3. get something more than any one else. Sa tanang gikastígu siyay nagrabihan, He got the heaviest punishment of all of them. grabihan a. not given to conversation, unsmiling. Míngaw ikaúban bayhána kay grabihan, It’s no fun to go with her because she doesn’t respond to people. grabihun a. snobbish, refusing to have to do with people deemed inferior. Lisud duúlun ang táwung grabihun, It’s hard to approach a snobbish person.