Meaning of gira






n. 1. war; 2. trivial matters talked about in a conversation that’s supposed to be important. Unsáun pagsugut nga gíra may giisturyáhan? How could she accept him when they kept talking about the weather instead of what was on their minds? v. 1. be at war. Kun makiggíra ta sa Tsína, ihían lang ta, If we wage war against China, they can win just by urinating on us. 2. go to war over something Maátù lang ang Sába kun giráhun, Sabah will be ours only if we go to war for her; 3. quarrel with, make war on a member of the family. Gigíra siya sa íyang asáwa kay dúgayng mipaúlì, His wife went on the warpath against him because he came home late. — patánì n. 1. civil war; 2. all-out quarrel among people residing together. Gíra patánì sa Munti, Riot in the Muntinlupa prison; v. have a civil war. Naggíra patánì ang managsúun báhin sa kabílin, The brothers and sisters are fighting to the death over the inheritance. di-, bapur di-, barku di-, búki di- n. warship.