Meaning of gip-ut



see ha-. ha- a. 1. narrow in space or passageway. Hagip-ut nga agiánan, A narrow passageway. Hagip-ut ang ámung kwartu, We have a small, narrow room; 2. tight in financial situation, mode of living. Hagip-ut kaáyu mi run. Dílì mi makahátag, We’re in a tight situation now. We can’t contribute. Hagip-ut na kaáyu ang panahun, We have very little time left; 3. for clothes not to be quite enough. Hagip-ut kaáyu ning panaptúna, This cloth is too narrow; v. 1. be, become narrow in space or passageway. Muhagip-ut (mahagip-ut) na ning agiánan ug ímung butangag daghang bangkù, The passageway will become narrow if you put lots of benches in it. 2. for a situation to become difficult, for time to get short.