Meaning of gím



n. 1. game, sports competition. Giuswag ang gím tungud sa ulan, The game was postponed due to the rain; 2. end of a game according to an agreement. Mangundang ta sa wà pay gím, Let’s quit before the end of the game; 2a. game of mahjong starting from the deal till the time one of the players goes mahjong; a. game, showing spirit and enthusiasm, even under unpropitious conditions. Gím nà siya kay bísag way hílig, mukanta kun hangyúun, She is game because she will sing if you ask her to even if she doesn’t want to; v. 1. for a game to end. Migím (nagím) na lang wà pa kuy puntus, The game ended without my having contributed a point. Gíma na arun mangulì ta, Make it a game so we can go home; 2. get to be game. paN- n. a play to finish the game. Panggím ning sirbíha, This serve is the game point.