Meaning of gim-ut



a. 1. barely enough in space; 2. short of time, money; 3. expression of distaste, annoyance on the face; v. 1. be barely enough in space. Mugim-ut (magim-ut) ang pasilyu kung hidaghanan sa táwu, The passageway will be congested if there are too many people who pass in it. 2. be short of time or money. Mugim-ut (magim-ut) ang ímung iskidyul ug daghang sabdyiks ímung kuháun, Your schedule will be very tight if you take too heavy a load. Gigim-útan ang kabus sa íyang kahimtang, The poor man is in a tight financial situation; 3. for the face to get an expression of distaste or anger. Migim-ut (nagim-ut) ang íyang nawung kay gibahuan, She wrinkled up her face because she smelled something bad.