Meaning of giluk



a. tickling sensation. Giluk kaáyu kun gitíkun ta sa íluk, It is very titillating to be tickled in the armpits; v. 1. tickle, feel something tickling. Migiluk ang ákung ilung, My nose itched. Pwirting kinatáwa kay gigilukan (gigigkan, gigidkan) siya, She laughed hard because it tickled; 2. — ang kamut, tiil have a compulsion to touch something or move the feet. Maggiluk ang kamut sa kiriwan, A kleptomaniac has itchy hands. Naggiluk ang ákung tiil. Kaáyung ibayli, My feet itch. How nice it would be to dance. (←) a. intense tickling; v. tickle intensely. pa- tickle someone Kaáyu giyud nímu pagigkan, How nice it would be to tickle you. gigkánun, ma-un a. ticklish, sensitive to tickling.