Meaning of gapù



n. 1. driftwood, twigs or bamboo pieces found beside the seashore; 2. weak, easily broken. Hápit na mahugnù ang taytáyang gapù, The weak bridge is about to collapse; 3. sickly, weak due to old age, brittle-boned; 4. toothless, hornless in old age; v. 1. be weak. Nagapù (migapù) ang silya kay kanúnay níyang gihiragan, The chair became weak because he kept leaning back on it. 2. for a body to become sickly. Mugapù ang láwas ug dílì ampíngan, The body will be sickly if not taken care of. paN- v. lose one’s teeth, horn. Nanggápù na si Lúlu, Grandpa is losing his teeth now. Gipanggapúan na ang kábawng landay, The old carabao has lost its horns.