Meaning of gamut



n. root of plants. — dakù primary root; 2. root cause. Ang pangabubhu mauy gamut sa ílang pagbulagay, Jealousy is at the root of their separation; v. 1. for plants to take root. Migamut (nanggamut) na ang ákung kamúting káhuy, My cassava plant has taken root. Láwum nag gigamutan ang binhì, The seedlings have taken deep roots; 2. stay long in a place. Way manggamut niíning trabahúa, No one lasts long on the job here; 3. be well-founded, established. Migamut ang ílang nigusyu kay maáyung pagkadala, Their business took root due to good management. paN- v. gather roots. Nakapanggamut na aku pára sa íyang hilánat, I’ve gathered roots for her fever. pa- propagate plants by letting cuttings develop roots. Pagamti ang rúsas, Take a cutting from the rose bush; n. method of propagation with cuttings.