Meaning of gamu



a. 1. fussy, for small children to be annoying because of ill temper. Gamu kaáyung batáa, muhílak ug ibutang, This child is so fussy. It cries when I put it down; 2. tedious, cumbersome. Tib-a na lag lista kay kun tagsatagsaun, gamu na kaáyu, Put it all under one entry because if you list them one by one, it’s tedious work; 3. way — not hard to please, not fussy. Way gamu tawhána kay mukáun bisag unsay idúlut, He isn’t hard to please because he is not choosy in his food; 4. being a hindrance to one’s movements. Gamu kaáyu ning magdá tag bátà sa byáhi, It’s a lot of trouble to take a child along on a trip; v. 1. be fussy. Naggamu ang bátà kay gibutdan sa tiyan, The baby is restless because it has gas pains; 2. be filled with anxiety, worry. Naggamu ang íyang kahiladman tungud sa pagkawálà sa íyang anak, He was very worried about his lost child; 3. consider something tedious, wearisome; 4. be a hindrance to one’s movements. ka-(←) v. have difficulty managing to carry things. Nagkagámu siya sa íyang gipamalit, Her hands are full with the things she had bought.



see gam-ul.