Meaning of duyas



v. 1. slip, lose one’s footing. Miduyas (naduyas) ang ákung tiil mau nga nabulásut ku, I lost my footing. That’s why I stepped into a hole; 2. for something to slip loose from the place it was put over or across. Ilansang nang tabla kay nagduyas na sa nahimutangan, Nail that board because it has slipped down from the place where it was put; 3. glance off and strike something else. Miduyas (naduyas) ang sundang pagtigbas ku sa káhuy, The bolo glanced off the wood as I was cutting down the tree; 4. for words one didn’t really mean to say to slip out of the mouth. Naduyas ku pagsulti. Sikrítu man untà tu, I let it out inadvertently. It was supposed to be a secret.