Meaning of duut



v. 1. put, push on to something Iduut ang ímung dunggan sa bungbung, Put your ears to the wall. Ímu kung giduut sa bungbung, You pushed me against the wall! 2. press down on something Iduut ang lápis pagsuwat, Bear down on the pencil when you write. Iduut ang timbri, Press the bell; 3. press someone to do something Ug dì siya nímu iduut, ása man nà siya mubáyad? If you don’t press him, do you think he’ll pay? 4. for fish to be in large schools, birds or insects to be in huge swarms. Nagduut ang mga dúlun, The locusts are in swarms. Nagduut ang mga táwu nga misúgat sa Santu Pápa, The people came in huge swarms to meet the Pope; n. swarm of birds, insects, throng of people, school of fish. (←) v. swarm in huge numbers.