Meaning of duktur



n. 1. doctor, physician; 2. title of a physician; 3. — láway a folk healer that treats by application of saliva; 4. — rural rural doctor; v. 1. be, become a doctor. Maduktur kag magtuun ka, You will become a doctor if you study. Magduktur siya damag, He hopes to be a doctor. Ang dakù níyang hílig sa pagpanambal muy nakaduktur (nakapaduktur) níya, His great inclination to treat sick people made him a doctor. Duktúrun (paduktúrun) ku ang ákung pangánay, I’ll have my eldest child become a doctor. Mau nang uspitála ang íyang giduktúran, That is the hospital where he works as a doctor; 2. doctor information. Dukturan nátù ang mga ansir arun makahandrid ka, We’ll doctor the answers so you get a hundred; 3. be treated by a physician. Gidukturan na siya piru wà maáyu, He was treated by a physician but he didn’t get well. (→) see duktur, n 1, v. pa- v. have a doctor treat something Magpaduktur ku ning ákung ubu, I’m going to the doctor for my cold. Padukturi siya kay nagkaluspad, Have a doctor treat her because she is getting pale. Wà tay kwartang ipaduktur, We have no money to get medical treatment. paka- v. 1. pretend to be a doctor, treat like a doctor; 2. strive to become a doctor.