Meaning of dugà, dúgà

dugà, dúgà


n. 1. juice, sap from a plant, juice coming from inside meat. Dugà sa agridulsi, Calomondin juice. Ang dugà sa alipáta makabúta, The sap from the alipáta tree can blind you. Karning nalútù sa íyang dúgà, Meat cooked in its own juices; 2. oozings from infections; 3. semen (humorous euphemism). Wà nay dugang tigúlang, An old man with no more sperm; 4. a man’s children (humorous). Kinsay mubuhì sa ímung dugà kun patay ka na? Who will raise your children when you are gone? v. exude sap or juice. Nakadugà na ba ang hubag? Has any pus come out of the boil? -un(→) a. juicy.