Meaning of dúbul



n. 1. sleeping equipment good for two. Maglála kug banig nga dúbul, I’ll weave a double-bed-sized mat; 2. doubles, a game with two persons on a side; v. be someone’s partner in doubles. Makigdúbul aku nímu sa tínis, I’ll be your tennis partner for doubles; 3. in phrases: — bádi n; a. kind of tongue-shaped cookie consisting of two cookies with a filling. b. a pregnant woman (humorous). — bid double bed. double ... — dayis a method of determining the dealer in mahjong with two dice; v. determine mahjong dealer with two dice. — dik double-decked bed; v. construct a double-decked bed, put a double-decked bed s.w. — krus double cross; v. double-cross. Gidúbul krúsan (gidúbul krus) siya sa íyang trátu, His fiancee double-crossed him. — krúsir n. double-crosser; v. be a double-crosser. — parking double parking; v. park double. Ákù lang úsà idúbul parking, I’ll just park double for the while.