Meaning of diskansu



n. 1. front porch. Adtu ta magpahayáhay sa diskansu, Let’s get a breath of fresh air on the front porch; 2. rest; v. 1. add a front porch to a house; 2. rest. Mudiskansu kug kadiyut kay gihangákan ku, I will rest for a while because I’m out of breath; 2a. give someone or something a rest. Nagdiskansu ku áring kabáyù, I’m giving my horse a rest; 2b. be free of, have a respite from pain or suffering. Makadiskansu lang siyas bun-ug ug wà dinhi ang bána, She won’t get any respite from her beatings as long as her husband is around; 2c. — sa dáyun die (lit. rest forever). Pasaylua siya samtang dì pa siya mudiskansu sa dáyun, Forgive him before he goes to his eternal rest. diskansuhánan, diskansuhan n. resting place. diskansuhánan sa dáyun cemetery (lit. final resting place).