Meaning of dirámi



n. 1. leftover food; 2. grains spilled out of a sack at the place where sacks of grain are transported; 3. action of making things in sacks spill out so as to steal them; v. 1. obtain leftover food, be left over. Nakadirámi mig ígù námung gikaun, We obtained enough leftovers for our dinner. Ug madirámi na nà, dalì rang mapan-us, If it is left over, it will get spoiled quickly; 2. get clothes cast off. Ug makadirámi mi sa ímung bisting biyà, If we can get your castoff clothing; 3. steal things in sacks by doing something to make some spill out. Kusug mudirámi sa kupras ang ubang kargadur, Some longshoremen steal plenty of copra; 4. steal part of revenues or goods being moved in trade. Daghan kaáyu ang tinda nga gidirámi niánang tindíra, That storekeeper stole lots of things.