Meaning of dipusitu



n. 1. place of depositing something Dì maabli ang dipusitu ug dì úras, You can’t open the vault at any odd time; 2. storage tank for water. Dúnay kaugalíngung dipusitu ning baláya, This house has its own water tank; 3. stomach (humorous usage). 4. amount deposited in a bank; 5. deposit on something to be returned; v. 1. deposit money in the bank; 2. turn over for safekeeping. Gidipusitu níya ang aláhas sa káha di yíru, He deposited the jewelry in the safe; 2a. store s.w. Idipusitu ang mais sa kamarin, Store the corn in the corncrib; 2b. deposit goods, not paid for in full with the loan company when payments cannot be met. Idipusitu na lang nákù ang rilu hangtud makabakpi ku, I will return my watch to the store until such time as I get my backpay; 3. put down a partial payment. Pilay ímung gidipusitu sa makina? How much of a down payment did you make on the sewing machine? 4. make a deposit on something to be returned; 2. defecate (slang). Túa pa sa kasilyas nagdipusitu. He’s still in the bathroom making his deposit. dipusituhánan n. 1. see dipusitu, 1, 2. 2. comfort room (slang).