Meaning of dihádu



1. negligent, careless of one’s things. Dihádu siya sa íyang mga butang. Bisag ása lang byái, He is very negligent with his things. He leaves them anywhere at all. Dihádu siya nga magbantay sa bátà, mau nga magkahulughulug, He is negligent in watching the child. That’s why it keeps falling; 2. less-favored bet. Ang dihádung tíkit mauy nakadaug, The least-favored ticket won; 2a. unpopular, not much bought. Ang simintu nga gíkan sa Danaw dihádu karun, Danao-produced cement is not popular now; 3. guitar accompaniment to extemporaneous folk songs, sung in a set pattern, where beats are left out at the points where the words don’t fit the music exactly. Dihádung dúyug nga gawía ug magbalítaw, Use a free accompaniment for the balítaw; v. 1. get to be negligent, less favored; 2. play a guitar in a dihádu style.