Meaning of dáyun



1. immediately, at once. Milakaw siya dáyun, He immediately walked away. Walà dáyun níya himatikdi ang ulitáwu, She did not notice the young man at once. Karun dáyun, This very instant. pútung — see -in-, 2; 2. do as the next thing. Mikáun siyag maáyu, dáyun natúlug, He ate a good dinner and then went to sleep; 2a. sa — [gen.] nga (verb base) [gen.] was (will be) about to (do). (Sa) dáyun ku nang káun miabut sila, As I was about to eat they arrived. Iságul ang tunù sa dáyun na nímung háun, Mix in the coconut milk just before you take it off the stove; 3. eternity. Ang dáyung pahúlay, Eternal rest; v. 1. do something immediately. Ngánung mudáyun ka man lang ug kasukù? Why do you flare up immediately? 1a. be killed at the first cockfight. Kanang túbù niánang báya dì giyud nà dayúnun, The cocks that are raised at that house will not be killed in the first cockfight; 2. remain as it is for long. Hináut nga magdáyun ang íyang kabuútan, I hope his good behavior will remain unchanged; 3. get possession of something borrowed by keeping it forever. Íya na giyung gidáyun ang íyang gihulamang sapátus nákù, He took over the shoes that he borrowed from me. 4. push through in marriage. Nagkadáyun sila, They got married. 5., 6. see dayun, 1, 2. (→) 1. for something bad to come into being, be pushed through to reality. Ayaw pagdunggabdunggab nákù kay madayun (madayunan) unyà nà, Don’t pretend to stab me, because you might just end up doing it. 2. proceed to carry something out. Dì ku mudayun (madayun) paglarga kay hápun na, I will not proceed to leave because it’s already late. Dayunun (idayun) ba ni nímug baligyà? Will you push through with your plan to sell it? 3a. go into a house. Dayun lang, Come on in! Dì na lang ku mudayun, I won’t come in. 3b. stay at a house. Háin ka karun dayun? Where are you staying now? pa- v. continue doing something Padayúna (ipadáyun) ang ímung kakúgi, Continue your industriousness. hiN-/haN-(→) v. be pushed through. Wà sila mahinayun sa Karkar, They ended up not going to Carcar. Wà mahinayun ang balay pagbaligyà, In the end the house wasn’t sold after all. gilayun do something immediately. Gilayun siyang milarga, He immediately left. -in- n. 1. process of cooking coconut oil where the juice is cooked off at once and not set aside to ferment; 2. pútung -in- n. pútu made from cassava or sweet potatoes without drying the meat. dumaláyun a. lasting, eternal. Dílì dumaláyun ang kalípayng lawasnun, Earthly happiness is not eternal. ka-an n. eternity.