Meaning of das-ag



a. 1. abounding, swarming around; 2. scattered, spread; 3. wandering, roaming aimlessly; n. stranger, wanderer; v. 1a. swarm, crowd around. Gidas-ag (gidas-ágan) ang artista sa mga táwu, The people swarmed around the movie star; 1b. abound. Nadas-ag ang mga tatlung sa ílang uma, There were snails all over their field; 2. scatter, be scattered. Piligrung madas-ag ang káyu, It would be dangerous if the fire were to spread. Das-águn (idas-ag) ku ning mga binhì, I will scatter these seeds; 3. wander aimlessly about. Sa lasang nakadas-ag (nadas-ag) mig dakung lángub, In our wanderings in the forest we came across a large cave.