Meaning of dapu, dapù

dapu, dapù


v. touch something lightly with the hand. Dapua ang úlug gihilantan pa ba, Touch him on the head to see if he is still feverish. Dapua ang duha nímu ka kamut, Place your hands together, palm to palm. (←) v. 1. treat a supernaturally caused skin affliction by putting a bundle of herbs wrapped in leaves which has been heated on the afflicted area; 2. touch something lightly with the hands. Idápù ang ímung kamut sa utaw, Touch the iron with your hands; 3. for animals to be attracted s.w. Mudápù ang amígas sa asúkar, Ants will be attracted to sugar. Mabungáhung sanga ang gidapúan sa mga langgam, The birds alighted on the fruiting branch; n. preparation for applying the dápù treatment.