Meaning of daplak



v. 1. cover something over by putting something flat on top of it. Siyay nagdaplak sa playwud dihà sa lungag sa bungbung, He is the one who covered the hole on the wall with a piece of plywood. Idaplak ku karing kík sa ímung nawung, I’ll throw this cake into your face. Maung ang idaplak sa gisì sa íyang karsunis, Patch the tear in his pants with denim; 2. dump, throw something in one heave. Dapláki ug balas ang lungag sa yútà, Dump sand into the hole in the ground. Idaplak lang ang mga papil dihà, Just dump the papers there; 2a. throw oneself s.w. in a sprawled out way. Midaplak (mipadaplak) siya ug lingkud, She sat sprawled on the floor; n. patch.