Meaning of dan



particle which warns the interlocutor that what is going to be said is connected with what immediately follows it. 1. preceding a statement which describes the reason for what follows: so ... Dan, kay walà man siya mutuun, nahagbung, So, since he didn’t study, he failed. Dan, nía kami arun pagbisíta ninyu, Well, we came here to visit you; 2. preceding a question with a condition: so then, if (so-and-so) is the case, what will happen? Dan, ug walà ka dinhi, kinsa may muhíkay sa pagkáun? So then, if you’re not here, who will prepare the meals? 3. particle to hold a narration together: now then. Adlaw tung Duminggu. Dan, sa sunud adlaw, Lúnis kadtu, It was Sunday. Then, the next day, it was Monday.



see dálan.