Meaning of dahug



v. urge someone to do something not to his advantage. Siya ang midahug sa duha ka bátà arun magsinumbagay, He was the one who egged the children into having a fistfight. Gidahugan (gidahug) siya sa pagsulud sa util, She was talked into going to a hotel; n. incitement to do something disadvantageous. -un a. urging people to act against their best interest.



v. 1. play a practical joke on someone 2. for an evil spirit to work his power (through an intermediate sorcerer or not). Mibúrut ang íyang láwas kay gidahúgan sa mga dílì ingun nátù, His body is swelling with an affliction sent by a supernatural being; n. affliction suffered by someone through the workings of a supernatural being or his agent. Dáhug ang namatyan ni Kulas, Kolas died of a disease inflicted by a supernatural being. -an(→) a. 1. one who is fond of making practical jokes; 2. one who inflicts diseases of supernatural origin.