Meaning of dágut



a. 1. completely removed, used up. Dágut na ang mga káhuy sa bakilid, Every single piece of wood has been removed from the slope; 2. completely rotten so that it cannot rot any further. Dágut nang sinínà, dílì na mapunit, A dress so rotten that you can’t even pick it up. Dágut nga nangkà, A completely rotten jackfruit; v. 1. use to the last grain, bit; take away every bit of something Kining pán mauy idágut sa dyam nga namilit sa butilya, Use this bread to wipe up the last bit of jam sticking to the jar; 2. rot completely to the point that it will not hold together. Nadágut ang papil sa libru, The paper in the book has turned completely to dust.