Meaning of buyag



v. 1. make a comment on something Kusug siyang mamuyag ug gwápa, He makes lots of comments when he sees a good-looking girl. Wà kay katungud sa pagbuyag sa ákung pamisti, You have no right to comment on the way I dress; 2. call one’s attention to a fault. Buyaga siya kay nangurtína, Tell her her slip is showing; 3. admonish someone to stop doing something Buyaga ang mga bátang nagsábà, Tell those noisy kids to be quiet; 4. be affected by buyag. n. 1. disease afflicting a person or his possessions brought on by a compliment given by a buyágan or by a supernatural being; 2. — sa túbig kind of skin eczema. interjection see puyra —. puyra — magical formula uttered to ward off the disease buyag said where a compliment has been made or is about to be made. pa- v. 1. do something to make someone admonish one; 2. allow someone to tell one to stop. -an(→) n. 1. someone with an inherent supernatural power which causes any living thing he compliments to become ill; 2. sorcerer who can cure buyag. -l-un(←) a. requiring admonishment.