Meaning of búngut



n. 1. beard, mustache; 2. pubic hairs (euphemism). 3. see bulbul, 2; v. 1. for a beard to grow on one; 1a. have pubic hairs (euphemism). Gibúngut na lang mu piru magbinátà gihápun, You already have pubic hairs, but you are acting like children; 2. put a beard on something pa- v. allow one’s beard, mustache to grow. hiN- v. pluck or shave a beard or mustache. panghiN- v. pluck or shave one’s beard, mustache. bungutbungut n. 1. wooly, hairy material; 2. name given to grasses of waste places with numerous spikes: Chloris spp. bungutbúngut 1. see bungutbungut, 1; 2; n. tassel fish (Polynemus spp.), fishes with filamentous rays coming from under the head. -an n. general term for catfish. bungtan n. name given to goat fish (timbúngan) with long barbels on the face. hiN- n. something used to pluck or shave the beard or mustache. -un a. 1. bearded; 2. goon. Mudagsang ang mga bungútun panahun sa piliay, There are goons in droves during elections; v. be a goon. bungutbungutun a. hairy.