Meaning of buli



n. buri palm: Corypha elata. The fibers from the unopened leaves are used in weaving hats, baskets, etc. It is also a source of toddy (guhang), vinegar, and sugar. The shoots are used as a vegetable and the trunk is a source of starch.



n. 1. penis of man or animal; 2. exclamation expressing contempt or disgust. Bulì, ay kug patuúha ánà, Hmm, don’t try to make me believe that; 3. — mu, sa ímung — irked statement of denial. Bulì mu! Mahímu pa giyud ni! What do you mean! This is still in good shape. Barátu sa ímung bulì! Trayinta písus ni, Cheap my foot! This costs thirty pesos. bulìbulì v. be hard-pressed to do something because of the large amount it is. Nagkabulìbulì kug báyad sa ákung mga útang, I’m going crazy trying to pay my various debts.