Meaning of bulhut



v. 1. blow something out of something Bulhúta ang kandílà, Blow out the candle. Gibulhútan aku níyag túbig, He spurted water at me from his mouth. Ibulhut nang asu, Puff out the smoke; 2. for the wind to blow. Mibulhut ang amíhan, The northeast wind blew; 3. treat a sickness, usually of stomach, by blowing cigar smoke on the affected area. Bulhútan sa mananambal ang nagbutud kung tíyan, The folk doctor will blow smoke on my stomach because I have gas; 4. move at great speed. Bulhut! Step on the gas! Nakabulhut ug dágan ang kawatan, The thief ran away on the double; n. action of blowing. pa- v. puff on a pipe or cigar. -ay n. game involving blowing; v. play this game.