Meaning of bulbul



n. 1. pubic hair; 2. name given to the green dragon piece in mahjong; v. grow pubic hairs. Gibulbul ku pag-idad kug kinsi, I grew pubic hairs when I was fifteen. hiN- v. 1. dress fowl or birds by plucking the feathers; 2. clean someone out, take all his money. Ang íyang asáwa mauy mihimulbul sa íyang pitáka, His wife cleaned his wallet out. Gihimulbúlan (gihimulbulan) siya sa íyang babáyi, His mistress milked him dry; 2a. — ang swildu for a salary to be the sole source for a large number of expenditures. Ang ákù rang swilduy himulbúlan sa tanang galastuhan, They get all of the money for the expenses from my salary; 3. strip machines or vehicles of spare parts to be used elsewhere. Himulbúli ang ayruplánu arun makalupad ang uban, Strip the airplane of spare parts so the others can fly; 4. look over a person to size him up. Gihimulbulan sa inahan ang pamanhunun sa íyang anak, The mother inspected her daughter’s fiancé carefully.