Meaning of bukway



v. 1. for long, thin things to stretch out: tendrils, flowers, sunrays, etc. Nagbukway na ang mga bánay sa mais, The corn tassels are spreading out now. Wà pa makabukway ang sílaw sa adlaw ug nakaligù na siya, He took his bath before the sun had spread its rays; 2. for the arms, tentacles to spread out and wave or wiggle. Mibukway ang mga gaway sa kugíta pagkakitag kaáway, The octopus spread his tentacles in all directions when he spotted an enemy; 3. in a game of takyan, to fail to hit the shuttlecock squarely and thus lose one’s turn to be served; n. 1. taro shoots before they develop leaves; 2. failure to return the serve in takyan.