Meaning of bitúun



n. 1. star; 2. star in a movie; 3. star-shaped Christmas lantern; 4. kind of tree of strand, the star-shaped fruits of which are used as fish poison: Barringtonia asiatica; 5. — sa dágat starfish; v. star in a movie production. Ang salídang íyang gibituúnan, The picture he starred in. (→) see bitúun 4. paN- v. 1. for stars to be out. Mamitúun gánì, lagmit dì muulan, When there are stars, it is not likely to rain; 2. for oily spots to form on the surface of a liquid. Mamitúun ang sabaw basta tambuk ang lutúun, The soup sparkles with fat if you cook fat in it.