Meaning of bayat



a. 1. worn-out, dilapidated, esp. clothes; 2. poor in quality; 3. slovenly in dress. Bayat ang ákung pamisti run kay magtrabáhu man ku sa uma, I’m slovenly dressed because I am going to work in the field; 4. mentally slow, stupid. Kabayat. Dúgay kaáyu nga nakat-un, How dull he is. It took him forever to catch on. 5. sluggish, slow-moving; 6. poor in doing things. Bayat kaáyu nang musiyat, He is a poor shot. (←) v. 1. for things to get worn out and dilapidated. Nabáyat (mibáyat) na lang ning ákung sapátus sa pagkanúnayng gináwì, My shoes have become ragged and worn-out from constant use. Nagkabayat na ang ílang payag, Their shack is gradually falling into ruin; 2. be poor in quality. Mabayat (mubayat) giyud nang ímung trabáhug ímung kiátan, Your work will turn out shoddy if you go about it carelessly; 3. be slovenly; 4. get to be dull, stupid; 5. get to be sluggish, slow-moving; 6. get to be unskilled in doing things. kabayatbayat v. be hard put to do something because of the large number of things that have to be done at once. Nagkabayatbayat mig panghípus sa wà pa muabut ang mga bisíta, We were in a dither trying to clean up before the visitors arrived.