Meaning of baryu



n. 1. barrio, the smallest territorial unit of government; 2. the country as opposed to the city or town. Láay ang kinabúhì sa baryu, Life in the country is boring; v. be, become, make into a barrio. Kining urdinansáha ang mibaryu (mipabaryu) sa Pásil, This ordinance made Pasil a barrio. — nga way kaldíru, kū́n n. a barrio without pots, a humorous allusion to the place where a person heads after death. — kapitan n. captain of the barrio, the barrio chief. — kawunsil n. barrio council, the lawmaking body of the barrio. tininti dil — n. barrio lieutenant, the title formerly given to the head of a barrio. baryubaryu v. 1. stay in separate groups, not mingling with the rest. Nagbaryubaryu ang mga dátù ug musimus nga bisíta, The rich visitors were in separate groups from the poor visitors; 2. for each to do his own, not work cooperatively. Magbaryubaryu lang tag plíti, Each of us pays his own fare. Ug makigbaryubaryu mu, maglain lang pud mi, If you want to do it on your own, then we’ll do ours on our own, too. baryuhánun n. 1. resident of rural areas. Kadaghánan sa baryuhánun dinhi magbabául, Most of the barrio folk here are farmers. tagi- n. resident of a barrio. katagi- n. barrio-mate.