Meaning of balhíbu



n. hair on the body, but not pubic hairs, hair of animals, feathers. Bagà ang balhíbu sa íyang íluk, He has thick hair in his armpits. Hámis ug balhíbu ang iring, The cat has soft fur. Putì ang balhíbu sa ákung hiniktan, My fighting cock has white feathers. sámag, paríhug — similar in traits. Ang mga táwung susámag balhíbu magkaúyun giyud, Birds of a feather flock together. (→) v. 1a. better in feather coloration. Ang tubaung parísag buyugun makabalhibu, Toddy-colored feathers win over honey-colored ones; 1b. beat invariably in a competition. Nabalhibuan mung mga tagabaryu námung mga tagasyudad, We city people can outdo you country people; 2. overawe, impress someone to the extent that he gets flustered or completely eats out of one’s hands. Nabalhibuan ku niánang bayhána. Dílì ku makabungat sa ákung túyù, I was overawed by that woman. I couldn’t say what I wanted to. 3. for one’s heart to soften to one. Nabalhibuan ku ánang tihíka. Aku ray makapangáyù níyag kwarta. Way láin, That old skinflint has a soft spot in his heart for me. I can ask him for money, but no one else can. paN- v. 1a. select fighting cocks on the basis of feather coloration. Mamalhíbu ku sa ímung bayungbáyung kay maghukut kug igtalarì, I’ll make a selection from your young cocks to raise into a fighting cock; 1b. size up an opponent’s cock by the feathers; 2. grow feathers. Namalhíbu na ang kuyabug, The nestlings are growing feathers now. lúpig sa balhibuay come off the worse when it comes to comparing feathers. Lúpig ka sa balhibuay kun itárì nímu ang ugis sa tubaun, Don’t pit your white cock against a toddy-colored one because you lose just from the color combination. balhibuun a. hairy. -un ug dílà tending to backbite. -un ug kamut tending to swipe things.