Meaning of balakbak



n. 1. cloth or similar material to lie, walk, sit on. Duguun ang bakbak nga giangkan, The sheets on which she lay when she gave birth are all bloody; 2. diaper; v. 1. put material under someone to be on. Gibakbákan ug puting panaptun ang tumbanan sa bag-ung kinasal, The newly-weds had a white cloth spread for them to walk over; 2. underlay, be the thing in which something is rooted. Ang íyang panáad gibakbákan ug mga pasálig, His promises were backed up by assurances. Lúhà ug singut ang gibakbak sa ákung paglampus, My success is rooted in sweat and tears; 3. put a diaper on. Bakbáki ang bátà, Put a diaper on the baby.