Meaning of baksiwà



a. contrary, nonconforming. Baksiwà nga pagkabátà, A contrary child; v. 1. be contrary to, be not in conformity. Mubaksiwà giyud nà siya sa gustu sa ámung inahan, She always does something contrary to our mother’s wishes. Nagkabaksíwa ang ílang pangatarúngan, Their reasons did not tally. Baksiwaun (ibaksiwà) man gud nímug sabut ang ákung sulti, You always place a wrong meaning on what I say; 2. put in a head to toe arrangement. Nagbaksíwà sila paghigdà, They lay down beside each other with their heads on opposite ends. Ibaksiwà (baksiwáun) nákù ang pagpahimútang sa káhuy, I will arrange the wood so that the bigger ends are next to the smaller ends; 3. pass by one another without seeing each other. Wà sila magkítà kay nagkabaksíwà lang sila sa dálan, They did not meet because they just passed each other on the road. (←) be intertwining. Bágun nga nagbaksíwà, Intertwining vines.