Meaning of bagul



n. 1. coconut shell; 2. head (slang). Gamíta ang ímung bagul, Use your head; a. uncomfortable to have weigh on one or put one’s weight on because of things which protrude. Ang lantay bagul higdáan, It is uncomfortable to lie on bamboo slats; v. become uncomfortable. Ug butangan nímug kamúti ang sáku mubagul lukdúhun, If you put sweet potatoes into the sack, it will become uncomfortable to carry. (←) n. a child’s game played with coconut shells or slippers where one child puts his shell on the ground and the other child (under various impediments) throws his own shell and tries to hit the first child’s; v. play bágul. bagulbágul n. skull. Buk-un ku ang bagulbágul nímu, I’ll crack your skull. ka-an n. place where there are many scattered coconut shells. sam-(←) n. see bágul.