Meaning of bagting



n. ringing noise. Ang bagting sa rilu nakapúkaw nákù, I was awakened by the alarm clock. dì kadungug, kabatì ug — easily insulted, quick to take offense. Dì nà siya kabatì ug bagting, dáyun siyag kasukù, He can’t take it. He gets angry if he hears something he doesn’t like. — sa kampána, lángit point in childbirth where the baby crowns and the mother feels the most intense pain; v. 1. ring, make something ring. Akuy mubagting (mupabagting) sa kampána sa tingpamúhì, I ring the bell for dismissal. Mubagting ang kampána sa alas diyis, The bell will ring at ten; 2. reach the point of highest pain in childbirth.