Meaning of badlung



v. tell someone to stop doing something, admonish. Ang kanáway mubadlung sa tímug, The west wind makes the east wind stop blowing. Badlúngun nímu ang himabáyi nímung bána, You should admonish your husband because he chases after women; n. admonishment not to do something pa- v. 1. allow someone to admonish one. Dì giyud nà siya pabadlung, He won’t obey (allow anyone to tell him to stop). 2. act in such a way as to cause admonishment. Nagpabadlung na pud ka, You’re making a nuisance of yourself again. -un(→) a. deserving to be told to stop, troublemaker. ma-un a. admonishing. Mabadlúngung tinan-awan, An admonishing look.