Meaning of aw-aw



v. bark. Ay lag dágan ug aw-áwun (hiaw-awan) ka sa irù, Don’t run if the dog barks at you; n. dish prepared from dog meat (slang). Aw-aw ang ílang gisumsum, They had dog meat to go with their drinks.

aw, àw


1. particle preceding a statement made to correct oneself. Tagdus písus, aw, dus singkwinta diay, It’s two, I mean, two-fifty; 1a. particle preceding an afterthought. Aw kanà lang diay, ímu na nà, Oh that. You can have that; 2. particle preceding a statement or question meaning ‘is that so?’ and shows surprise. Aw, mau diay nà? Oh! Is that so! 3. pause word before starting to speak. Aw, makahímù ba tag gáwì sa ímung tilipunu? Er, may I use your phone? 4. particle preceding a predetermined answer: ‘of course’. Aw, ú. Mabalibáran ba gud nà nákù? Yes, of course. How could I refuse that!