Meaning of asawa



n. wife; spouse



n. wife. — sa banig good-for-nothing wife (lit. good only in bed); v. happen to get for a wife, can marry. Nakaasawa siyag iridíra, He got an heiress for a wife. Maasáwa ku siya, I can marry her. paN- v. for men to get married. Dì ku siya pangasaw-un, I refuse to marry her. pa-, papaN- v. be married off to. Ipaasáwa (ipapangasáwa) ba gud siya nákù ánang hubug? Would I allow her to marry that drunk? maN-l- n. bridegroom-to-be. igpaN-r-(→) n. 1. something used for marriage. Ang kang Lúlit ang gugma igpapangasawa, As far as Lolet was concerned love (i.e. sex) was something reserved for marriage. Igpapangasawa ning bábuy, This pig is to be slaughtered at his wedding; 2. desirous of getting married. Igpapangasawa na kaáyu ang ákung ginháwa, I am very ready to get married. pangasaw-unun, pangalasaw-un wife-to-be.