Meaning of arti



n. art. Arti sa pamálak, Art of poetry. may, walay — be (not be) artistic. May arti siyang mukanta, She sings artfully; a. 1. affected. Arti kaáyu nga manulti ning buánga, mu rag unsay nakamauhan, The fool speaks in an affected way. You’d think he knew something; 2. affected in dress. Pastilang artíhang mamisti ning bayhána, My! That woman sure does overdress; v. 1. for speech or behavior to be affected; 2. overdress, have too much make-up on. 3. put on an act. Maáyu muarti, makalingaw sa naguul, He puts on a good act which could entertain people who are sad. artiarti v. do something unessential and unnecessary just to put on a big show. Tuhi, muartiarti pa nà siyag pamaláyi bísag dúgay na nílang púyù, Phooey, he puts on a show of asking for the girl’s hand, as if they hadn’t already been living together for a long time; n. action of doing unnecessary things just for show. Ug náay mangasáwa nákù, minyù dáyun sa way daghang artiarti, If someone asks me to marry him, I’ll say yes, without fuss and bother. pa- v. make a show of doing something Magpaarti silag hulgà nímu, piru ayawg tagda, They will put a big show of threatening you, but pay no attention. paN- n. things one wears for vanity’s sake. Nangáyù siyag lipstik, ariyus ug uban pang mga pangarti, She asked for lipstick, earrings, and other vanities. di- a. artistic. Panulat nga diarti, Artistic writings.