Meaning of ariglǎr



v. 1. arrange, put in good order. Tabángi ku pag-ariglǎr sa ákung buhuk, Help me fix my hair. Nakaariglǎr ka na ba sa ákung katri? Have you made my bed yet? 2a. attend to, take care of. Wà ku kapanglaba kay nag-ariglǎr ku sa mga bátà, I wasn’t able to do the washing because I was looking after the children; 2b. take charge of, assume responsibility for. Ariglahun ku ang mga gastus sa ímung pag-iskuyla, I will take charge of your school expenses; 3. settle a case, quarrel. Ariglaha na lang ang inyung áway, Settle your dispute; 4a. beat someone up (lit. put him in order). Ariglahun ta ning limbungan, Let’s beat this cheater up. 4b. do away with someone Giingun nga ariglahun si Bituy sa mga buguy, The thugs said they would liquidate Bitoy; 5. treat an illness with ariglǎr; n. treatment in folk medicine with special water made magic by having had a piece of paper with a magic formula (urasiyun) put into it. The water is either drunk or applied directly over the diseased part, and the person under this treatment is prohibited from uttering curse words. paN- v. groom oneself nicely. Nangariglǎr na siya kay mamisíta man ni Tíba, He is grooming himself carefully because he is going to visit Tiba.