Meaning of arigládu



a. 1. neat, orderly. Arigládu siyang mamisti, She dresses neatly. Arigládu na ang ímung kwartu, Your room is in order now; 2. prepared, ready. Arigládu na ang papílis pára sa ímung byáhi, The papers for your trip are all in order. Arigládu na ang panihápun, Dinner is ready now; 3. in agreement. Arigládu na. Adtu ta ugmà, It’s all arranged. We’ll go tomorrow; 3a. for a quarrel to be settled. Arigládu na ang ílang áway, Their fight is settled now; 3b. surely; it’s all right. Makagáwì ku sa ímung tilipunu? Arigládu, May I use your phone? Surely; v. get neat, in order, reconciled.