Meaning of apúpa



a. in the path of something that comes from a general direction: rain, wind, smell, etc. Ang Sibu apúpa sa bagyu, Cebu is in the path of the storm. Apúpa ang ákung gilingkúran sa báhù, The place I’m sitting is right in the path of the smell; v. 1. get into the path of. 2. put in the path of. Ayaw iapúpa (ipaapúpa) ang bátà dihà. Banlásan námù ang salug, Don’t put the child in the way of the water we are going to splash over the floor. pa- v. 1. go into the path of. 2. place oneself in full view of someone Nagpaapúpa si Kurdaping sa mga laláki samtang nalígù, The fairy stood where the boys could look at him while he was bathing.